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Enhance your home or office with plant rental, design, installation and care services from Planteriors of Wisconsin

Planteriors of Wisconsin, a division of Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, is a leader in providing and caring for interior plants throughout Waukesha and metro Milwaukee. We are a trusted source for plant rental, installation and maintenance services for homes, businesses and corporations. With nearly 30 years of experience and outstanding customer service, we can solve all your plant needs, with these services:

  • Interior plant design, selection & installation
  • Weekly maintenance with replacement guarantee
  • Events and special occasion plant rentals & flowers
  • Custom holiday decorating
  • Decorative containers

The long and short of plant rental

Planteriors provides green, blooming and artificial plants for long-term rental. Our designers consider many factors before determining the best plants and containers to complement your home or office interior. In addition, we install the plants and return weekly to perform routine tasks, clean decorative containers, and keep your plants looking lush and beautiful.

Planteriors also offers short-term plant rental for trade shows, corporate events, banquets, special occasions and more. No matter what the venue, our designers can turn it into something delightful with live or artificial plants, flowers, centerpieces and trees. Short-term plant rental is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing plants and flowers.

Design services

Vibrant, appealing interior “plantscapes” require design creativity upfront. Careful analysis of your indoor environment is where we start. We consider the natural and artificial lighting, your color scheme and style of furniture, how people move through the space—even your blueprints, if you desire—before recommending the appropriate plants, containers and placement. Our designs will complement your style and enhance a mood that is conducive to success—conservative for a law firm, invigorating for a mall, relaxing for a spa, rustic for a lodge, and so on!

Green plants for a breath of fresh air

Planterior designers are skilled at working with LEED requirements. They can recommend plants to significantly improve the air quality in your home or office by countering the pollutants and fumes given off by carpets, cleaning supplies, paint and insulation. In fact, the presence of plants inside your home or business not only enhances its appearance, but also offers additional benefits like lowering noise levels and lowering stress.

Venues for which we have supplied rentals

  • Wisconsin Center
  • Miller Park
  • Milwaukee Theatre
  • Marcus Amphitheater
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Discovery World
  • Area Hotels & Halls