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Milwaukee Art Museum Art in Bloom Award

Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, Inc. is proud to announce that Denise Gehrke has won the top honor at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Art in Bloom show held April 2-5, 2009. This is an annual event during which the Milwaukee Art Museum Collection galleries feature art-inspired floral displays created by top floral designers from around Wisconsin….

Catholic Memorial High School Auction

Thanks to Melinda and everyone who attended the CMH Auction in March. They chose some beautiful tulip arrangements to grace their tables that evening!

Friendly Creepy Crawlers!

Last night we hosted a bunch of creepy crawlers in the greenhouse! No I’m not talking about my brother’s friends, well a few were, but beneficial insects for healthy plants. You may be saying, “I thought all insects were bad!”, but it’s not true. These insects help control the undesirables that prey on your beautiful…

On St. Patrick’s Day, isn’t it nice to see some green flowers, like the beautiful orchids in this bridal bouquet? It also contains heather, ivy and miniature pink roses. Green flowers are so popular now! Have a great St. Patty’s Day!

Spring has Arrived!

The temps are moving in a positive direction and that can only mean one thing. Spring is finally here! One sure sign of spring here at Waukesha Floral is the arrival of the first tiny seedlings that will become your beautiful gardens this year. Tom and crew are furiously planting all the latest Proven Winner…