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The Last Vacation Photos

Bee Balm… It Grows in Wisconsin too!  My last set of pictures from vacation are these!  So many beautiful plants, including what looks like rhubarb on steroids show below.  The Gunnera manicata is also known as “The Fairy Umbrella” plant.  It has HUGE leaves which shade the very large flower spikes that grow beneath it….

More Flowers!

Beautiful Autumn-Colored Blooms(Not Fall Trees, Just Flower Spikes in this Picture!)  More pictures from Blarney Castle…. The Sturdy Thistle-Like Flower Monkshood Pretty Sedum on a Wine-Colored Stalk Delightful Dahlia

More Pictures (Almost Done!)

Gorgeous Hanging Basket! A Bee’s Banquet in a Basket!  Here are some pictures from Blarney Castle.  Indeed, the blarney stone was kissed, but I found more joy in the beautiful plants and flowers on the manicured grounds! I also found it interesting that visitors were signing their names in the sooty mold on a small…

Vacation Photos Continued

Vivid Pink Hydrangea!  I bring you more vacation photos!  I was amazed at the blue and pink hydrangeas blooming profusely in Ireland!  Surely ’tis the peat and acidic nature of the soil there that brings on such riotous colors. Late July was just past the season for wild heather, but I did see some blooming…

And More Vacation Pictures!

There is Beauty in A Tiny Snail…. Thee is Beauty in a Grand Vista! Beautiful Creeping Groundcover

More Vacation Pictures

Purple Monkshood I hope you are not bored by these vacation pictures. I love to look at other people’s vacation pictures, especially if the topic is anything horticulture-related! Norfolk Pine Growing Outdoors – Lush! Wild Fuchsia Grows Rampant in Ireland!