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Make Your Own Zesty Orange, Lemon and Nasturtium Bath Bombs

This fall, my backyard garden became more beautiful with the pretty yellows and oranges of Nasturtium plants.  Nasturtiums (also referred to as “nose twisters”) are grown from seeds in a sunny place, and look great in window boxes or spilling over a stone wall.   Nasturtium flowers are a spicy addition to salads and make a…

Christmas Gifts Born in the USA

Christmas Gifts Born in the USA

The season of holiday giving can be a socially conscious time of shopping for items that are born in the USA.  Here are some highlights of items we have at Waukesha Floral that were made in the United States (and several very close to home in Wisconsin). Root Candles have been made in Ohio since…

Mudpie Baby

Looking for a fun baby gift?  Look no further than Waukesha Floral!  Super soft, bright and ruffly for girls; sports minded and jungle themed for boys or clothing suitable for either gender is in store.  Add a plush animal, gift socks or a bud vase of flowers for mom and you’ve got a unique gift…

Cool Containers in Hot Summer Colors

We all love this new pottery that just came in!  These shiny Italian pots are non-breakable and get part of their cool look from the inner lining of pure white.  The colors are great… tomato red, ocean blue, tangerine, plum purple, juicy orange and fuchsia red. Wonderful as containers for plants or flower arrangements, they just say “summer”…

Noah’s Ark

It’s been raining so much this week, it may be time to build an ark! Speaking of which, we have some great arks at Waukesha Floral. They’re decorative and beautifully painted. Each is a little different… there’s a 3-story ark, a big barn ark, a hayloft ark, a Sunday toy ark, to name a few….